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  1. Die 122 mm D-25T-Panzerkanone kann mit der aufrüstbaren BR-471B APHEBC (panzerbrechende Hochexplosivmunition mit ballistischer Haube) Granate 197 mm Panzerung auf 100 m durchschlagen. Der IS-2 Mod. 44 hat auch eine gute Panzerung - die 120 mm dicke Frontplatte ist um 60° geneigt und gibt ihr so eine effektive Stärke von 200 mm. Der IS-2 ist zudem noch sehr mobil für einen schweren Panzer.
  2. 122 mm corps gun M1931/37 (A-19) (Russian: 122-мм корпусная пушка обр. 1931/1937 гг. (А-19)) was a Soviet field gun developed in late 1930s by combining the barrel of the 122 mm gun M1931 (A-19) and the carriage of the 152 mm howitzer-gun M1937 (ML-20).The gun was in production from 1939 until 1946. It saw action in World War II (primarily with corps and RVGK artillery of.
  3. While the BR-471B the MV=781 m/s, the Impact vel. @3000m = 584 m/s. It only takes a 781m/s BR-471B shell 4.2 seconds to go 3,000m while a 795m/s shell of the same type 4.4 seconds. Top. Peasant Member Posts: 469 Joined: 16 Oct 2018, 18:21 Location: Italy. Re: Flaws in Russian WW II BR 471 Velocities. Post by Peasant » 27 Mar 2019, 15:54 Another possibility is that both A-19 and D-25T had.
  4. Flat-nose 122mm APBC (BR-471B) was not in production during WWII. It was ordered, and developed, and tested, but not used by front line troops. Or so I have read. Pointed-nose AP was used in combat(BR-471). Judging by the effects shown in this article, the German armor would collapse under attack by either projectile type, so the difference is academic. The USA conducted penetration tests of.
  5. BR-471B worth it? All Ground. So I've played a ton of matches on tank equipped with the Russian 122mm gun. The IS-2, IS-2 Mod.1944, ISU-122, KV-122 and T-44-122 are all amongst my most played tanks in the game, with 1200 kills on the IS-2 alone. I've only ever used the stock ammo (or the meme shell BR-471D if the tank has it), but today someone mentioned in the ingame chat that I should use BR.

BR-471B: 207: 201: 183: 162: 144: 129: APHEBC: 800: 25: 1.2: fünfzehn : 272 + 4 ° 42 ° 27 ° 19 ° OF-471: 36: 36: 36: 36: 36: 36: HE: 800: 25: 0,1: 0,1: 3.600 + 0 °: 11 ° 10 ° 9 ° Ammo-Racks. Datei:KV-122 Ammo.png. Ammo-Racks der KV-122. Voll Munition Ammo Teil 1. Rack leer 2. Rack leer 3. Rack leer 4. Rack leer 5. Rack leer 6. Rack leer Empfehlungen Visuelle Diskrepanz 28. At 500m, the A-19's BR-471B APBC could penetrate up to 157mm. Service History. The IS-3 came too late to see action in World War II. Though some older sources claim that the tank saw action at the end of the war in Europe, there are no official reports to confirm this. It is now generally accepted that the tank saw no action against the Germans, although one regiment may have been deployed. BR-471B as a remote car key. Meme. Close. 2.8k. Posted by 10 hours ago. BR-471B as a remote car key. Meme. Play. 0:00. 0:00. Settings. Fullscreen. 1 1 1 1 2. 56 comments. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. top (suggested) level 1. Ravioli ravioli give me the Minengeschoßolli 201 points · 9 hours ago. Historical sights. A man. Usage in battles. Even though you have thick armour HEAT-FS and APDS will go right through it so be careful. T-10A's gun has a 230mm pen at 90° point blank but for targets such as the M-103 you will have a very hard time killing

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  1. 122mm AP-T,BR-471B . 9 BD MD-10 Fuze Data: Using Weapons: Type: Impact Model: MD-8 57mm Antitank Gun M1941/43 Body Material: Steel ASU-57 ASSULT Gun Weight: 163g.
  2. There are two tanks known as IS-3: Object 244 was an IS-2 rearmed with the long-barrelled 85 mm cannon (D-5T-85-BM) and developed by the Leningrad Kirov Plant (LKZ), which was never series-produced for service use.. The IS-3 known as Object 703 is a Soviet heavy tank developed in late 1944
  3. The following is my choice of good Soviet era gun penetration data. This is known as Certified Penetration criteria (CP). Which means that it is based on a 80% probability of a successful penetration

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In 1944, the BR-471 was the sole armor-piercing round available. An improved version, the BR-471B (Russian: БР-471Б) was developed in spring 1945, but was available in quantity only after World War II ended The Tiger I (listen (help · info)) was a German heavy tank of World War II that operated beginning in 1942 in Africa and in the Soviet Union, usually in independent heavy tank battalions.It was designated Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf H during development but was changed to Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf E during production. The Tiger I gave the German Army its first armoured fighting vehicle that.

122 mm corps gun M1931 (A-19) (Russian: 122-мм корпусная пушка обр. 1931 г. (А-19)) was a Soviet field gun, developed in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In 1939 the gun was replaced in production by an improved variant, M1931/37.The piece saw action in World War II with the Red Army.Captured guns were employed by Wehrmacht and the Finnish Army The BR-471B projectile shown above has a small cavity filled with high-explosive, and uses the MD-8, DR-1, and DR-5 fuzes. The VBR-471 complete round, using the BR-471 projectile with the MD-8 fuze, is a variant of the illustrated round. The BR-471 projectile has a pointed nose and no windshield, whereas the BR-471B has a blunt nose with a windshield. *: Not actually used on the JS-1. Let aside that the Elefant has 200mm frontal armor and that the BR-471B of the IS-2 had 205mm pen (but only on 10 m distance and at a 90 degree angle). PS: all those comments here especially by those people from down under just prove that you guys admit that steel 2 is less realistic than that meme-game coh 2. so whilst Aussies have a good reputation in the wars, it wasnt from our armoured. BR-471B 25.0 800 4,000 High explosive and fragmentation shells HE-Fragmentation, gun OF-471H 25.0 3.8 800 19,800 HE-Fragmentation, gun OF-471 25.0 3.6 800 19,800 HE-Fragmentation, howitzer OF-462 21.7 3.67 765 (charge no. 1) 16,600 HE-Fragmentation, gun OF-471В HE-Fragmentation, gun OF-472 Anti-concrete shells Anti-concrete, gun G-471 25.0 2.2 800 20,400 Chemical shells Fragmentation/chemical. 1 Overview 2 Ammunition 2.1 BR-471 (APHE) 2.2 BR-471B (APHEBC) 2.3 BR-471D (APCBC) 2.4 3BK-10 (HEAT) 2.5 3BM-7 (APDS) 2.6 OF-471 (HE) The D-49 (GAU Index: 52-PS-471D) is a Soviet 122mm L/48.4 tank gun. It is mounted in the SU-122-54. The M-62S was proposed to replace the D-49 in the SU-122-54. Armour-Piercing High-Explosive Muzzle Velocity: 795m/s Mass: 25kg Fuze Sensitivity: 15mm Fuze Delay.

BR-471B gets rid of this problem, as can be seen from its description. VLD Panthers, for example, will take easily. The OF-471 is suitable for the destruction of light targets like ZSU or Pz.IV. Mine ERW Gallery in Cambodia. CMAC HQ - PHNOM PENH CMAC Building, St. Duong Ngeap, Phum Trung Moan, Sangka Das SU-122Pmit einer Schlacht Bewertung von 6,3 (AB/RB) und 6.7 (SB) ist ein Premium-Sowjetpanzer Rang IV.Es war eine der ersten in der Öffnung der Ground Forces in Update 1.41 eingeführt Fahrzeugen. Die SU-122P hat die Eigenschaften des aSU-100, außer mit der 100 mm Kanone mit einer 122 mm Kanone ersetzt.. Der Hauptzweck, Nutzung und Taktik Empfehlunge BR-471B performance - underperforming BR-471D performance - underperforming Missing 3BK10 HEAT round Missing 3BM7 APDS round Incorrect Rate of Fire Incorrect turret traverse (OKM-1 spec) Incorrect engine power (OKM-3 spec) Incorrect transmission (OKM-3 spec) Incorrect sights (OKM-1/IS-4M spec) T-10M BR-472 - underperforming 3BM11 performance - Most underperforming round in the game, no.

BR-471B has a sharp nose. If you check velocities of this round in an East German document the velocity is 636 m/s. Top. Miles Krogfus Member Posts: 459 Joined: 08 May 2015, 20:54 Location: San Diego, CA. Re: Vulnerability of the Panther Glacis to 122 AP. Post by Miles Krogfus » 24 Dec 2015, 20:54 The AP BR 471 had no ballistic cap and a SHARP nose, the APBC BR 471B had a ballistic cap for. From the mid 1960s however, it became apparent that the standard Br-471B anti-tank round used with the SU-122-54 was incapable of penetrating the hull frontal or turret armour of the American M-60 or the new British Chieftain tank, even at close range. Nor was it capable of penetrating the hull or turret frontal armour of the older American M-48A2 at ranges over 100m, which by late 1960s. br-471b, 122-mm, aphe-t ubr-271, cartridge, 57-mm, aphe-t ubr-271k, 57-mm, cartridge, aphe-t ubr-281, 57-mm, cartridge, aphe-t (57mm x 348mm) ubr-281u, 57-mm, cartridge, aphe-t (57mm x 348mm) ubr-365, cartridge, 85-mm, aphe-t ubr-365k, 85-mm, cartridge, aphe-t u.s.s.r. projectile fuze, bd, md-10 fuze/firing device - 23 . unknown country bomb fuze, nose, impact, ah-12a ordnance used with: type.

If the figures for BR-471B are calculated using De Marre type calculations using the older BR-471 AP as reference, then they will not be accurate if there was a significant jump in projectile quality. Therefore, it is possible that even under the Russian penetration system the 100mm BR-412B and 122mm BR-471B would have penetrated around or over 200mm, while the older shells would have. dull-headed armor-piercing projectile with a ballistic tip BR-471B weighing 25 kg; developed in 1944, but in the army in mass quantities appeared in the very final phase of the war - the spring of.

Die IS was daarna herbewapen met die 122 mm D-25T, wat met BR-471 pantserdeurdring projektiele die Tiger se pantser kon deurdring vanaf 1,200 m, en kon met die verbeterde BR-471B APHEBC projektiele dit doen verder as 2,000 m BR-471B - 122mm - 1943 . Soviet KE penetrators were manufactured in both solid core, & with an small HE cavity. The rounds had an short ogive & a blunt nose with an thin ballistic windsheild. After WW2 they developed an blunt noseed, AP capped round with an ballistic windsheild. The main difrence in the WW2 Soviet full-calibre KE projectiles,from other nations similar type ammunition, was the. Most of these, the IS-6 can oneshot from the front with ease with their BR-471B. So yeah, gotta agree with Evil on this one. Click to expand... There is a spot to the right of the IS-6's turret that is easy pen but it's hard to hit. And I don't really think you've played arcade that much, which yeah I can see why but I prefer it as it's more relaxed and I don't have to stress that much, but. MBTsLightMediumHeavy The IS tank family (IS in Cyrillic ИС, meaning the Joseph Stalin or Iosif Stalin in Cyrillic Ио́сиф Ста́лин) was a series of heavy tanks developed as a successor to the KV-series by the Soviet Union during World War II. It was named after Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.The heavy tank was designed with thick armour to counter the German 88 mm guns, and.

A blunt tipped BR-471B shell was tested in the summer of 1944, which increased the effective distance to 2500 meters. Both sides of the front. Panthers began appearing en masse on the Eastern Front in the fall of 1943. The Ausf.D was gradually replaced with the improved Ausf.A. These tanks were put into production in August and appeared on the front lines in the fall. These tanks became truly. BR-471B penetration = around 200 now if the BR-412D were around which had 230mm were used in kubinka id be willing to bet that the 100mm D-10C would outperform the D-25T... Jump back to quoted post 2 Dec 2020, 02:14 AM Spoof. The stub dick P4 sucks at everything, even against infantry. Regular Panzer IV is better at everything. just like the T-34 but at least OST has the P4 in the lategame. SU-122-54 -Assault gun/tank destroyer version built in limited numbers from 1949 onwards through the fifties on T-54 chassis, armed with a 122 mm D-49S gun, two 14.5 mm heavy machine guns and fitted with a commander's optical rangefinder sighting system. Support vehicles - a number are based on or use the T-54 chassis: the BTS- 1 This is the tabular data range. 2 The practice rate of fire of the T-34 was 3-5 shots per minute due to unsuccessful ammo layout. 3 The rate of fire during movement didn't exceed 4 shots/min; the ROF in stationary position on motionless target 10 shots/min. 4 Initially projected to be single loading ammo, but it was realized to be unsuccessful.. II. The armor penetration 1 of the Soviet tank. The 100mm BR-412B and 122mm BR-471B shells were created for this reason. The point blank range on a target with a height of 2.0, 2.7 and 3.0 meters is 950, 1,090 and 1,150 meters respectively. In the immediate postwar era where the most common threat tank would be a Sherman, a Centurion or a Patton model of some type, the point blank range against a 3-meter target was directly applicable. The.

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An improved version, the BR-471B (БР-471Б) was developed in early 1945, but was available in quantity only after World War II ended. In extremis the ISU-122 engaged enemy heavy armour with OF-471 (ОФ-471) high explosive projectiles. These shells had a mass of 25 kg, a muzzle velocity of 800 m/s, and were equipped with a 3 kg TNT charge. Mechanical shock and explosion was often enough to. it lacks shells like BR-471B which was able to frontally pen tiger2H and it doesnt have the 100mm of turret mantlet plate of mod 1944 and also it had a DhsK anti air gun on the commander's cupola 5 hours ago, GermanSoldier said: Drove my IS2 Can not confirm. Mg hits where i want it to hit Canon pens tiger 2 front, side, rear, top (havent tried bottom yet though) Can pen tiger from front, side. This is why the BR-471B capped round was developed. That's for the penetration. As for the accuracy, the two guns have comparable accuracy, despite what many of you have read. The D-25 can hit targets at 2000 m about as well as the Kwk43; in fact, that range was specified in Soviet instructions to IS-2 crews. The gunsights in the early IS-2s were worse, but the later models copied the Germans.

BR-471B 207 201 183 162 144 129 APHEBC 800 25 1.2 15 +4° 42° 27° 19° OF-471 36 36 36 36 36 36 HE 800 25 1.3 0.1 +0° 11° 10° 9° Would it be a problem that the King Tiger could have a competition??? OR the realistic ammo and pen. RETO???? IS it that hard to add ammunition??. List of the shells: 105mm PzGr, 105mm PzGr 39, 37mm SprGr 18, 75mm PzGr39/42, 88mm PzGr39/43, 88mm PzGr39, 100mm BR-412D, 100mm BR-412, 100mm BR-412B, 122mm BR-471B, 122mm BR-471,152mm BR-540, 57mm BR-271, 57mm BR-271K, 85mm BR-365A, 85mm BR-365K. trad. la sensibilità del detonating-fuze di molti proiettili è stata aumentata (lo spessore della barriera dopo la quale il proiettile può.

122 mm gun M1931/37 (A-19): | | | |122 mm gun M1931/37 (A-19)| | | | | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled According to Steven Zaloga, the IS-2 and Tiger I could knock each other out in normal combat distances below 1000 m. At longer ranges the performance of each respective tank against each other was dependent on the crew and combat situation. The September 1944 issue of the Nachrichtenblatt der Panzertruppen included a report from a Tiger-Kompanie that had knocked out numerou

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Bearing in mind that the T-62 was an unpretentious tank by design, the high velocity APFSDS ammunition fired from its smoothbore 115mm gun allowed it to achieve a level of anti-tank performance that outmatched the M60A1 despite the absence of an optical rangefinder and a ballistic computer as found on American tanks - in the 1977 edition of the field manual FM71-2, it is stated that the T-62. In 1958 Leopard 1 prototype participated in a tank evaluation for the Swedish defense forces versus the M60 Patton, and this guy with some sketches of a new tank space ship labeled the S-tank. Needless to say, the Leopard 1 had too thin armor for. This was when using the BR-471B shell, which had a ballistic cap (basically, a windscreen that improved its aerodynamics). The regular BR-471 shell had no cap, and somewhat lower penetration. The firing tests, part one In this test, five shots are directed against the upper front plate (UFP). Shot #1 is an HE shell against the UFP, from 100 meters. The only damage is a shallow scuff mark, and. The Iosif Vissarionovich tank (or IS tank, also known as the Joseph Stalin tank), was a heavy tank developed by the Soviet Union during World War II and first used in the Kursk area in September 1943. The tanks in the series are also sometimes called J Short Answer * At ranges below 500 m the most fearsome opponent is the T-34/85. * Between 500 and 1000 m the IS-2 is the Tiger II's most fearsome opponent. * At longer ranges, assault guns are probably a bigger threat. * The Tiger II is superior t..

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If we look at the BR-471B shell, we can see a long and complex name: But in actuality, this tells us everything about the shell we need to consider. There's three parts: AP- Armour Piercing HE- High Explosive BC- Ballistic Cap. This means that the shell pierces armour, explodes, and has a cap to improve it's ballistics. I'll go into. For the blunt-headed projectile BR-471B, penetration reached 152, 142 and 122 mm, respectively. When using two armor-piercing shells of the 471st series, the 240 tank confidently hit the frontal projection of the Tiger at distances of up to 1500-2000 m. The 80-mm frontal sheet (57 ° slope) of the medium tank Pz.Kpfw.V Panther made its way from 1500 m. At distances up to 1 km, the. 122mm BR-471B (APBC) †introduced ? 122mm BR-460A (HEAT) †introduced 1944 152mm HEAT †introduced 1944 Armour Piercing Ammunition In Service Dates - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History Soviet Union's Gun Penetration Table Soviet Union's Gun Penetration Table - World War II Vehicles, Tanks, and Airplanes Artillery shells of 122, 130 and 152 mm.

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title: metallurgical investigation of a soviet 122 mm ap-t projectile, fmam none, model br 471b and a limited investigation of a soviet 122 mm aphe-t projectile, model br 471b, fmam 2233, id: ad0045772: title: snow cover, its formation and properties, id: ad0045950: title: dynamic response in projectile-gun systems operating procedures, id: ad0045986 : title: investigation of high-power. Figures and models (1588) 10 mm (1:144) (8) World War II (7 The M62 APCBC round was the main AP ammo for the Sherman(76) according to this site: Glossary A Also, in the Catalog of Standard Ordnance Items on page 22 the M62 is listed as the AP ammo for the Sherman(76): Osprey Catalog of Standard Ordnance Items Vol. 1 (1944) Tank & Automotive It was also mentioned on the site that the Russians didn't develop APC or APCBC rounds until after the war At 500m, the A-19's BR-471B APBC could penetrate up to 157mm. Service History. The IS-3 came too late to see action in World War II. Though some older sources claim that the tank saw action at the end of the war in Europe, there are no official reports to confirm this. It is now generally. WoT Supertest: Änderungen an den Werten von IS-2-II, IS-3-II und ST-II. es gab einige Änderungen an den.

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In game IS-2 uses blunt-nosed AP rounds since the begining. However in some russian online sources I have the info that BR-471B rounds, werent shipped to front-line units until after the war. Regular BR-471 sharp-nosed shells were used instead. Does anyone have any info on this issue to confirm o.. The Br-471 armour-piercing round could penetrate 130mm of vertical armour at 1000m, and 100mm at 2000m, the later Br- 471B round could penetrate 145mm and 125mm respectively, with 25mm less armour penetration where the armour slope was 60°. The SU-122-54 was sighted to 3000m, but in Europe the undulating and forested terrain would have negated.

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• The Br-471B projectile was ordered in spring 1945, but arrived too late to be issued for combat in Europe. Higgins, King Tiger Vs IS-2: Operation Solstice. 26 • The conservators have kept the damage caused by the ricochet unpainted; it can be observed at the Bovington Tank museum. References Citations. [1] ein Tiger im Worttrennung: Tiger, Plural: Tiger Aussprache:: [ ˈtiːɡɐ. As far a performance against the M48 is concerned, I've dug-up reports that claim that the bow (or lower glacis), and the turret front can be penetrated by the D-25...also, a lot of the reporting available on the performance of the D-25 relates to testing of the BR-471 APHE and BR-471B APBC rounds, not the more capable BR-471D APCBC round. It's important to remember that according to. BR-471B. 24.90 kg. 781 m/s. 60° -125. 120. 110. 100. 90°-155. 143. 132. 116 . Cependant à partir de l'été 1944, les obus perforants du 122 mm devinrent plus efficaces sans que les Russes y soient pour quelque chose. En effet, les Allemands connaissaient des pénuries en manganèse et durent utiliser de l'acier à haute teneur de carbone mélangé avec du nickel pour réaliser leurs. BR - 471B : 128 mm / 500 m / 30 ° 120 mm / 1000 m / 30 ° 105 mm / 2000 m / 30 ° M - 26 Pershing Hmotnost : 41, 900 kg Posádka : 5 Rychlost : 40 km / h Dojezd : 161 km Dělka : 8, 65 m Šířka : 3, 51 m Výška : 2, 78 m Pancíř : Čelo věže : 114, 3 mm Čělo věže : 102 mm ( 46 ° ) Vezená zásoba munice : 70 náboj An improved version, the BR-471B (БР-471Б), was developed in early 1945, but was available in quantity only after World War II ended. In extremis, the ISU-122 engaged enemy heavy armour with OF-471 (ОФ-471) high explosive projectiles. These shells had a mass of 25 kg, a muzzle velocity of 800 m/s, and.

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BR-471B 150/122 138/113 118/96 BR-471 143/117 126/102 97/79 Source: Otechestvennye bronirovannye mashiny. XX vek : nauchnoe izdanie v 4-kh tomakh/ Solyankin A.G., Pavlov M.V., Pavlov I.V., Zheltov I.G./ Tom 2. Otechestvennye bronirovannye mashiny. 1941-1945 , Moscow, Exprint, 2005 Another source: АРНЕВС shell BR-471B Distance, m Meet angle 60°, mm Meet angle 90°, mm 500 125 155. An improved version, the BR-471B (БР-471Б), was developed in early 1945, but was available in quantity only after World War II ended. In extremis, the ISU-122 engaged enemy heavy armour with OF-471 (ОФ-471) high explosive projectiles. These shells had a mass of 25 kg, a muzzle velocity of 800 m/s, and were equipped with a 3 k The IS was subsequently rearmed with the 122 mm D-25T, which with BR-471 AP rounds was capable of going through the Tiger's armour from 1,200 m, and with the improved BR-471B APHEBC rounds at over 2,000 m

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Even the infamous Soviet IS-2 with 122 mm D-25T loaded with BR-471B armor-piercing high explosive ballistic cap (APHEBC) has only 156 grams (A-IX-2) of explosive weight. OP-190 - A nickname used by people who accuse the Fw-190 (especially the A4) to be overpowered due to its extremely heavy firepower and its low battle ratting. While the A-4. First please scuse my english ,is not that good as y wish!If you see the site the russian battlefield,specification and armour piecing values of the soviet tank cannons,br-471 at 30 degree kill only 115 mm at 1000m and107mm at 1500m.Br-471B kill at 30 degree 142mm at 1000m and 133mm at 1500.Panther frontal armour is equal with 140mm,so IS 2 destroy Panther at 1000-1300m.Panther gun with pzgr. Practical results of firing from guns D-25T and A-19 at the site captured on German tanks jughead projectile BR-471B with the distance 1400 m showed the following results (for some of them there are doubts - as a result of confusion in the documents CHKZ - a tank and at what distance shelled): - Танк PzKpfw IV Ausf H He was broken bleed through the frontal armor plates and feed.-Tank. BR-471B APBC-T (blunt round with cap) BR-471D APCBC-T. Their penetration values can be seen in the following table (first column is the caliber, second the name of the shell, third the angle and then it's penetration at various distances - asterisk means missing data): Direct comparison with the game data is not possible: first, there are no data for less than 100 meters, with which. Tiger H1 Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E Tiger I in northern France, March 1944 Type Heavy tank Place of origin Germany Service history In service 1942-45 Wars World War II Production history Designer Erwin Aders Henschel & Son Designed 1938-41 Manufacturer Henschel Unit cost 250,800 RM[1][a] Produced 1942-44 No. built 1,347[b] Specifications (RfRuK VK 4501H Ausf.E, Blatt: G-330) Weight.

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The ISU-152 marks its beginning on January 24, 1943. This was the moment of appearance of the first fighting vehicle of this family. It was designated Object 236 (Объект 236), using the same concept as the SU-152.The Object 236 was completed in Factory No. 100 in Chelyabinsk, and on the same day, January 24, underwent trials on the Chebarkulski artillery range, 107 km from Chelyabinsk Well two things to note, BR-471B is APBC/HE, Most WW2 AP ammo had a small HE charge, even so their not proper HE rounds by any means. Second the 24.9kg weight for BR-471B is just the weight of the shell, it dose not include any propelling charges or cartridge case. Karl Streiger, on 15 September 2013 - 10:42 PM, said It used only BR-471 AP and BR-471B APBC rounds - both penetrating 164-165mm@100m. There was no other AP ammo developed after the war for them either. I haven't found info on HEAT rounds for this gun (nor its field ancestor A-19) also in other sources, including Russian Wikipedia, which describes other ammunition types in detai

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